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For us food is not just fuel for life, it’s something special. The food we serve is our inspiration. Every dish you taste at Satsanga has a story. 

Our Story

After three years in Burgas, where the first Satsanga restaurant was born, Dimitar and Vanya, who are behind its creation, turned their backs on the sea and decided to move to Sofia to open the doors to a new one. With the same name, the same concept, but with a new location. “Satsanga is a combination of two Sanskrit words – sat and sanga. Sat is true, and sanga is meeting. This is a place for a real meeting or meeting with the truth, where communication, food, atmosphere, the vibe make us a little out of the ordinary, ”says Dimitar, who has lived in different parts of the world for many years.

A Few Words About Us

Serving Top Quality Vegetarian Dishes

About ten years ago Dimitar found himself at a flea market in Dublin, where he tasted very tasty food with a group of Krishna followers. He bought a small cook book “how to cook Indian cuisine” from them. This was the moment when he became completely passionate about it and began to study on his own. He himself – as a vegetarian – found in Indian food the variety of flavours that he can get without having to have meat on his menu. At the same time he began to practice Ayurveda and yoga.

Shortly afterwards, he met an Indian, a professional chef, who became his roommate and from whom Dimitar also learned some specifics about Indian cuisine. He also lived for some time in India, in various communities and ashrams, where he volunteered to cook for everyone there. “I liked the food, and it gave me even more inspiration to cook. “When people are happy with what they eat, it’s a real reward for the work that has been done,” he said.

When he returned to Bulgaria in 2015, the idea of ​​a place like Satsanga came of its own, from the way of life and the inspiration they gained over time with Vanya, who is always by his side and speaks just as deliciously about the food they offer. “Every place comes with its own soul, it has its own character and it comes from the people who created it.”

“The food here is entirely vegetarian, and most of the menu is vegan, with Dimitar and Vanya trying to use a minimum amount of animal products. Indian cuisine is the main inspiration, but there are interpretations of favourite recipes from other parts of the world such as vegetable moussaka or Thai soup. In addition, the restaurant is on the principle of a buffet and everyone can put whatever they want on the plate, to mix flavours and foods in one place, entirely according to personal preferences.

Large coloured pillows, 200-year-old oak furniture, beautiful lotus-shaped chandeliers and warm blue in the interior, designed by Antonia Dimova, will make you take a break from the work rhythm, right here, in the heart of the city of Sofia on 8 “Benkovski” street.


Our Food Policy

Our goal is to serve a 100% healthy menu where everything is prepared and cooked on site, making use of local suppliers and seasonal ingredients. We offer our signature buffet lunch menu that is different every day, our own recipe desserts, a selection of “creative” burgers and our own take on Indian, other Asian and European classic dishes.

Our Core Values

Does healthy eating require people to control themselves and abstain from pleasure? Does healthy food mean tasteless food? This idea is dominant, but not here in our restaurant. We want to encourage our guests to enjoy their food, as only such joy provides satisfaction and the sense that one has eaten enough. 

Renowned Chefs

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Our amazing team that creates all your favourite dishes.


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Dimitar Karagyozov

Founder / Head Chef

Vanya Mihaylova

Co-Founder / Chef

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