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Cozy restaurant serving international vegetarian and vegan cuisine with a modern twist. Healthy buffet menu prepared and cooked on site different every day.

The Vegetarian Place

Our Delicious Story
Based in Sofia, Satsanga is a cozy restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan dishes with a modern twist. Our goal is to serve a 100% healthy menu where everything is prepared and cooked on site, making use of local suppliers and seasonal ingredients. We offer our signature buffet lunch menu, our own recipe desserts, a selection of “creative” burgers and our own take on Indian, other Asian and European classic dishes. You can enjoy the cozy atmosphere of our restaurant with a glass of wine from our finest selection, or to choose from the variety of beers in our menu. We also serve non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee. If you are in Sofia and you are looking for a place to eat, stop by Satsanga Restaurant and enjoy vegan and vegetarian meals with a pinch of “Satsanga”!
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What do people say?

"It’s ALWAYS a treat to arrive at the restaurant and be greeted with a friendly smile along with the array of aromas from the food station. Next is the unique decor of wooden mandalas on the walls and amazing seating arrangement that makes the picking of the food an eternity (although it’s always fast), for us to sit down. The music is always holding hands with the ambiance and the flavors... this is an experience that no one should miss. Enjoy your visit my friends."
The Best Vegetarian Food
"One of the best vegetarian/vegan food I have tried! Everything is very delicious, I have been to this restaurant many times and will visit again! There is always a variety of meals and the flavours are just amazing! The staff is friendly, and it is also a very cozy and relaxing place."
Simply the best!
"The best vegetarian restaurant on four continents. Absolutely amazing food. Vegetarian restaurants are often bland or lack freshness but this one is superb. You can pick and choose what you like and the prices are very reasonable, you pay by weight. I've been there twice and it was a different menu each time and every single item from the main courses to the sauces were absolutely delicious. They have a mix of European, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Nice decor as well and great staff who speak English well. It's good enough you can bring your meat eating friends here. Highly recommended!"
Absolutely amazing!!
"I was here 2 times we are 100% vegetarian we found a jewel in sofia food very tasty big variety to choose and best thing eat less pay less means pay by weight We talk with owner/chef he was a very nice bulgarian speaking Hindi My experience the will go there 2 times more my this trip."
Best indian restaurant

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Working hours: 9:30 – 22:00

Lunch menu begins at 12:00

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